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Established in 1999, MiTAC Precision Technology Corporation (MPT) today is a well known professional industrial component supplier with world-class design and manufacturing capability, and it has years of experience of serving the international large-scale customers, including domestic and international global leading companies and major OEM/ODM manufacturers.

To strengthen manufacturing capability and expand service category, MPT has been creating competitive advantages through merging enterprises in recent years. In 2007, MPT merged with Taiwan public company - Getac Technology Corporation formally, and with the rich financial ability and R & D capability of electronic products as backing, we are able to provide customers more complete mechanism integration solutions. In 2009, with the investment of the world’s third-largest Mg & Al alloy company - Waffer Technology Corporation & Waffer Precision Metallic Technology (ChangShu) Corporation Limited, MPT enhanced its manufacturing capability in light metal components further.

MPT provides the mechanism optimized solution from mockup to mass production. Its main business includes mockup, mold design, mold fabrication, plastic injection, sheet metal stamping, coating, printing and post-production assembly of industry components. Products range covers 4C categories - Consumer electronics, Computer, Communication and Car. Regardless of production scale, MPT has always been capable of manufacturing fully customized products, offering total design ability, fast manufacturing capability and efficient customer service to satisfy the diverse needs of our customers.

MPT obtained many domestic OEM/ODM manufacturers’ favor by its continuous insistence of advanced technology. And now it has the most skillful RHCM process technology and is the most extensive components supplier in the IT industry. Meanwhile, in the aspects of light metal components, MPT is the only company which has Al & Mg double molding technology – Thixomolding and Die Casting.

In the future, MPT will continue to stick to customer-oriented mission, continue to ascend value-added products and provide the highest quality and the most reliable products and service, and develop itself into the leader of technological innovation of mechanism industry.