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What is the sustainable development of MPT? Reuse, Green Material…

In the past, corporate social responsibility (CSR) was only about the financial aspect of a corporation. Nowadays, corporations give more responsibility for corporate ethics as the interaction between global economy and the market, including the responsibility to the market, community care, its shareholders, staff care and concern for consumers. The higher degree of globalization, the corporate social responsibility would be more important.

Since MPT was founded, we have put CSR as one of the enterprise core parts to manage. From the consumer-oriented point, MPT has strict checking system in the product process. In addition to never using harmful substances, and following the relevant standards and regulations, like ISO 14000, RoHS, WEEE, PFOS, packaging materials and batteries, MPT is thinking about how to choose more sustainable or add green materials and recycling materials in the application of new products. Meanwhile, in order to improve the effectiveness of the process to achieve the purpose of saving energy and reducing carbon, MPT also actively participates in automation process to reduce the depletion of Earth's energy, continuously fulfill the corporate citizen’s responsibility for environmental sustainability.

Moreover, in March 2008, MPT’s headquarter in Taiwan, Getac Technology Corporation, sets up a “ Getac Charitable Trust Fund” to start with a more active approach to charitable activities in society. In the past two years, during the global financial crisis period, MPT and all our colleagues have donated money through various channels over 1,800 million NTD to take concrete action to society showed our concern for the community. In addition, on the care for employees, MPT already achieved OHSAS 18000 certification, which demonstrates that we concern much on the industrial safety, health and human rights.

To maintain the consistently high performance of every plant is our responsibility to uphold the shareholders. MPT will also be more forward, so that we can display more industrial member’s responsibility in the market and create more positive values for the community.