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What is the sustainable development of MPT? Reuse, Green Material…

“Respect, love, and care” are the three core values that MPT insists on conveying to our employees. MPT has employees in the countries including China and Vietnam, etc. We build friendly, safe and comfortable work environment to help our employees concentrate on job more and set kinds of regulations and measures to let them have the feeling of care and respect, motivating them to pursue excellence and honor.

Life care
In MPT’s dormitories, we offer the basic facilities such as internet facility, air-conditioner, drinking fountain and so forth. Besides that, we also endeavor to build the sports and recreation facilities including sports center, reading room, gymnasium, basketball court, table tennis room, cyber café, multimedia classroom, supermarket, restaurant, common room, etc. Our employees enjoy comfortable, convenient, and fast service in the company dormitories, smooth away all the tiredness and pressure from work and reach a balance between work and life.

Welfare activities
To appreciate our employees’ contribution, MPT provides birthday gift coupons and traveling grant, hosting club and recreation activities such as sports competition, year-end party, welcome party for newcomers and fellowship activities, etc.

Inspire our employees and build value
MPT praises our remarkable employees regularly. To commend our employees for their long-term hard work and encourage them to pursue excellence, MPT will elect the “best employees” and “excellent senior employees” from each department. The general manager will award them the honorary certificate and thank-you letter in person to express the appreciations for their family members and their support.