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What is the sustainable development of MPT? Reuse, Green Material…

We are living in the only earth, and should take responsibility to provide more environmental protection material and craft manufacturing process (MP) to our customer. Green MP is always the key direction of MPT RD (research and development). We hope to make our best possible contribution to the continuous environmental development via this.

Bio-Sourced Material PLA
PLA is a green plastic material which comes from and returns to nature since it comes from the plant, it can reduce the dependence on petroleum plastics, meanwhile, and can be carbon neutral to be environmental friendly. PLA alloy can have fame retardant, temperature proof and high stiffness etc. after the appropriate modifications with PLA, especially, combined with MPT’s advanced injection molding technology, it can make many plastic products to be environmental friendly.
RHCM-Paint Free
Paint Free is one of RHCM’s special characters. It will be high gloss on the piano mirror surface which only can be reached by painting in the past. This work process can be weld line free and prevent shrinkage, also high gloss.