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What is the sustainable development of MPT? Reuse, Green Material…
Al Alloy Stamping
Aluminum alloy is advanced in lighter, thinner, EMI shielding, and recycling. meanwhile, it can also appears special vision effect via anodizing, hairline treatment, sand blasting, etching, metal diamond milling and Laser carving etc. surface treatment.
Current Al Alloy Stamping is not only just punch, MPT can also combine it with Plastics Injection. This special work process can decrease the later assembly cost of Al Alloy products, besides effectively increase the strength of the product structure.
Mg Alloy Die-casting
Mg Alloy is widely used in Air materials, Car devices, Communication products etc, especially applied in 3C products these years, due to its lighter texture-with low density(~1.8g/cm3), high rigidity, good heat- dissipation, EMI shielding , recycled …It is also very important for the latter process of Mg Alloy Die-casting, beside its former shaping process. Especially for the surface treatment, such as painting technology, hot stamping and hairline treatment process.
Mg Alloy Thixomolding
Mg Alloy Thixomolding has many advantages:
  • High precision injection and good part quality can satisfy our demand of “thinner” and can reduce the working hour in the follow-up dealing.
  • Lower injection temperature can lengthen the tool life.
  • Stable quality can decrease the defective rate of products.
Al Alloy Anodizing
Al Alloy is an important metal material applied in industrial area, which is second only to steel. It has many characters, such as lighter, stiffness, good heat dispelled, EMI shielding, easy anodized and colored and excellent physics/chemical function, so it has been widely applied in the treatment of anodizing that can create thick and rigid Oxidized film layer, and obviously improve Al Alloy’s anti-corrosion, stiffness, wear-proof and finish appearance.