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What is the sustainable development of MPT? Reuse, Green Material…

MPT, established in 1999, has produced more than 20,000 different sets of different products for industry mold. In 2005, MPT adapts e-business of mold management. We use Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to manage mold designers, track the rate of progress, save maintenance information, etc. With the concept of mold resume for keeping these important assets, MPT makes the mold management more coherent, transparent and wiser.

By the rich design and management team, before MPT had developed mold, we make in-depth analysis about the structure of products. In the meantime, through design, quality managements, production, assembly, test and so on as a series of process to make the mold quality optimization.

In the design stage:
  • Collaborative design with customers and analysis of product structure before the mold was made, in order to reduce subsequent problem after the completion of the mold.
  • Precise mold design audit assignment to eliminate designing mistakes effectively.
  • Using software (CAE) of mold flow analysis, achieving to the best mold testing mode.
  • In quality management stage:
  • The standard process management of ISO 9000.
  • Incoming inspecting process, which could eliminate defective rate of materials.
  • Inspect machining process; make the problem finding inchoately to reduce the mold problem of the size.
  • The mold size inspection plan in beforehand.
  • Manufacturing stage:
  • Using mold MES (ERP) and project schedule with rows for controlling the rate of progress timely.
  • Processing CAM plan, achieve optimal quality.
  • Assembly stage:
  • Execute mold factory inspection plan to make non-conforming circumstances lower and lower.
  • Make sure to reexamine at the key point; try not to repeat the model problem.
  • Test stage:
  • Do the product size with all inspection; come up with the examination reports.
  • Testing molds problems must have a self-criticism report, at the same time, please complete all questions, record and put forward solutions.
  • According to problem report of molds testing, unfolding mold revised guidance report, solve the mold problems completely.

  • Types of mold that we produce:
    Plastic Injection Mold
    Traditional plastic injection mold, RHCM mold, dual injection mold, IMR mold, IMF mold, MuCell mold, insert molding mold.
    Metal Stamping Mold
    progressive dies, 400T/600T Large progressive dies, Al alloy mold.
    Die-casting Mold
    Silicon Rubber Mold