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What is the sustainable development of MPT? Reuse, Green Material…

Power of Commitment to Change

Customer Satisfaction
MPT’s clientele covers established brand names from all over the world. The quality of our product is fully compliant with stringent international standards for worldwide distribution. Meeting our clients’ highest standards and demands is of top priority to MPT and we have adopted “TRQDCG” indices as a tool for assessment. “TRQDCG” is derived from the first letter of the six following key words: Technology, Response, Quality, Delivery, Cost, Green.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Due to the process of economic globalization, interactions between humankind have reached unprecedented levels with economic activities and daily life routines becoming intricately connected. The issues of energy exhaustion, global warming, drastic climates and so forth caused by over-industrialization are challenges that everyone must face, especially those in the manufacturing sector. For the sake of our community, our future generations and our own, we must shoulder such responsibilities. As a member of the supply chain for cutting-edge technological products, MPT shall strive to become a force that changes the world.

We believe that “the value of life lies in making meaningful contributions; we fulfill our lives through our work and through what we do, we create value to add to the progress of our society, our nation and to our civilization as individual contributors.”

We understand that “to ensure continual growth and profits for the company, we must be grateful to our clients for their patronage and demands. With sustained profits, the company shall keep on growing and in return, provide opportunities for employees to grow, pay our taxes and give back to our stakeholders.”

We promise that “MPT shall fulfill our Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) and that everyone at MPT shall do their part to vie for optimized profits and balance for all community-related stakeholders.”

Our Mission:
To lay a sound foundation for the company and coexist in harmony with the planet.

Our Belief:
To refine ourselves with “honor and integrity”; to treat others and our clients with “gratitude and respect”.

Our Action:
To carry out our philosophies on energy conservation and environmental protection, to improve work and environmental safety with our products and to provide products and services with a grateful mindset.

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