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What is the sustainable development of MPT? Reuse, Green Material…

As a world famous mechanical factory of E-product, MPT consumes thousands of tons of plastics every month. Therefore, there will produce large quantity of rim wastes if just abandon them; it will cause not only waste of resource, but also more burden of environment.

Basis on corporate social responsibility, MPT declares to fully support the resolution of environment protection. We will try our best to make the most effective use of the rim wastes produced in manufacturing process, deeply cultivated Green concept in every product and largely improved its green impression. Since the rim wastes have lower character than the original materials, we should improve them by cleaning, being broken, selected, and then with some material-exchange technology, to make these recycling materials to have more satisfied character and into most fantastic products.

By reuse, MPT has fulfilled its obligation to protect environment as a global citizen, and realized the goal of pursuing sustainable development.