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What is the sustainable development of MPT? Reuse, Green Material…

In order to normally use various kinds of electronic products in the abominable environment, we need to utilize special design in mechanics to reach the strong protection of shock, dust-proof, waterproof and resistant to thermal shock.

Al Alloy Stamping
Aluminum alloy is advanced in lighter, thinner, EMI shielding, and recycling. meanwhile, it can also appears special vision effect via anodizing, hairline treatment, sand blasting, etching, metal diamond milling and Laser carving etc. surface treatment.
Current Al Alloy Stamping is not only just punch, MPT can also combine it with Plastics Injection. This special work process can decrease the later assembly cost of Al Alloy products, besides effectively increase the strength of the product structure.
Silicone Rubber Compression Molding
Silicon Rubber has its own excellent features, such as hot stability, flame-retardant, chemical stability, medical resistant, electrical insulation characteristic, cold resistant, climate resistant, which make Silicon Rubber extensively applied in kinds of products, including cars, food, medical articles, sports goods etc. Besides, its good shock absorber character can cover the product which is not suitable for shaking, or fill pads in the corner to avoid the damage from dropping and protect the products effectively. More, product will show its unique appearance combining with ID’s design.
Double Injection
Double Injection molding is to make plastic materials with two different texture or color and to be completed in one molding process, and the after-molding product has the character of two different texture or color.
Insert Molding
First Install prepared article which is nut or metal sheet in the mould, and then insert plastics, to make them melted into Solidification. The connection way which is via mechanical design or chemical treatment can make the different texture connected firmly. This work process can increase the variety of change in structure and rigidity in material.
UV Curing Technology
UV curing technology has no inert solvent evaporation, curing time is short, low temperature curing and other advantages over conventional curing technology, known as the new generation of green technology. Light-curing technology as an energy-saving and environmentally friendly technology has been widely used in coatings, inks, electronic, micro-machining and rapid prototyping, and many other fields. UV coating can be applied in product appearance, make product with high gloss and jelly-like appearance, and reach the 2H pencil hardness which has high wear-resisting.