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We are deeply convinced that talent is the most powerful strength to promote autonomous innovation and enhance core competitiveness. We have already set a solid training system-Entire Personnel Learning- to help the staff to “grow perpetually” and make the quality of employees and the long-term business goal of the company improve constantly together.

The training system can be divided into the following categories at present:

Orientation Program
In addition to the environment, rules and regulations introduction, we have arranged computer software training to enable the new staff to obtain the essential skill efficiently, as well as the counselors to help them integrate into the team and culture through active care and value transfer.

Competency Training
Except for being devoted to cultivating employees to achieve the professional knowledge and technology, we integrate the systems of certification to make the staff of every position of different levels be competent at their work and perform their responsibilities efficiently. Meanwhile, we believe that employees are not only the producers to carry out their duties, we are devoted to cultivating their second professional skills, provide them with opportunities in different professional fields to realize their value, and enable the individuals and organizations as “the multi-function worker” with specialty and flexibility.

Learning by Project
In addition to the above-mentioned essential training for basic management, we have also launched essential project training for medium and long-term strategy to enable the staff to grow up with the company steadily, and maintain innovation and rising competition.

Managerial Training
The main purpose is cultivating the professional operation and management team, regard implementing company’s policies as the goal, establishing the common language and communication mode of the management layers, so as to enable the whole company focus on the sustained strength of growth.

Self Development Training
This category includes languages, self-growth courses and communication skills, etc. The employees are able to manage their life more confidently and make life more excellent and abundant through these courses combined with community activities.

In addition to the traditional classroom teaching and on-the-job training, we also employ external professional lecturers, implement E-Learning system and the shift to training (including going to Taiwan to undergo training), cultivate internal lecturers, develop the staff’s second professional. Regardless of the training form, we focus on the objectives of entire personnel learning and sustainable growth.

We are deeply convinced that only by improving the quality of employees constantly and satisfying their needs to learn and grow, could we let our staff understand that the company respects and affirms their value, and impel them to highly accept the management concept and core value, regard their job as their own career to manage, grow constantly and fulfill themselves.